2.12.0 Release Notes

2.12 in TimeTap includes the release version 2.12.0

In that release version, we made the following updates and bug fixes:

  • Added option to add appointments from multiple clients to an invoice. If you are on the invoice detail page and click to add line item > add appointment, you'll now see the option to search by client and find appointments from other clients to add to an invoice.
  • Added option on email template to edit the "Location" field of the .ics file
  • Fixed issue with conditional checks being made on custom fields when client is booking a class based appointment
  • Fixed issue with the timezone that shows if client goes to book on a scheduler link that has been assigned to a location group
  • Added option to apply a timezone to a location group
  • Added default value option on Custom Field so that a default value can be applied when client gets to the "Your Information" page of the client scheduler
  • If uploading a client list with requisition numbers, we are now creating new requisition numbers if the requisition number on upload is not found
  • Fixed issue with rescheduling flow when appointment was made from location group scheduling link
  • Added option to see package assignment information on pop up window when adding appointments to invoice
  • Added "Print" button to view modal for filled out form from Client Profile
  • Fixed issue with toggling on column in client's appointment list view and then sorting by that column. Previously once you sorted by that column there was a bug causing that column to remove from view
  • Added option to toggle on and off different statuses in the client's "All Appointments" list view
  • Added option to select reason group and location group in send test email flow
  • Added option for users to bulk add appointments to a package from the Client Profile > All Appointments view
  • Fixed issue with attachments not loading on send email window for appointments if attachments applied at the template level
  • Added option to delete/remove package from a client's profile