2.25.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 2.25.0 - 2.25.3

Features & Improvements:

  • Added option for appointments to be rescheduled after original appointment time has passed
  • Added option to set coordinator staff on appointment and class schedule
  • Table created to see delivered, opened, clicked and booked email status'
  • Conditional fields now an option to add under client scheduler
  • Password field added to 'add new client' form
  • Added ability to reschedule appointments once the start time of the original appointment has started
  • Clients now have the ability to print disclaimer forms

Bugs Fixed:

  • Corrected ability to export 'checked in' appointments
  • Corrected error that was sending out invitation reminder emails once the invitation campaign was completed
  • Fixed end time buffer from changing went selecting 'edit appointment'
  • Fixed exported lists that were not populating certain fields