2.9.0 Release Notes

2.9 in TimeTap included the following version numbers: 2.9.0, 2.9.1, 2.9.2

Here are the updates and bug fixes for those build versions:

  • Added option to check for duplicate clients by email. By default, duplicate clients by email are allowed. You will just see a little orange note when adding a client if the email address you enter for the client is the same as an email address on another client. We do have an option that will prevent you or any of your staff from adding duplicate clients if the email address is the same. If you want to turn this on, please contact our support team and we can configure it for you.
  • Fixed issue with send email modal window not loading for checkAppointments users on TimeTap
  • Fixed issue with setting appointment end times in duration of service was 55 minutes and service had 5 minute buffer on it.
  • Added ability to attach files to outgoing emails. This is only available to enterprise level clients at the moment.
  • Fixed issue merging business level data to the marketing templates sent from the Clients list view.