2.16.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 2.16.0

Features & Improvements:

  • Assign tags to clients
  • Added button to reorder location groups alphabetically
  • Add photo to services, classes, and course profiles
  • Clients are now able to move to the next panel in the scheduler once a selection has been made
  • Placeholder text for zip code filter has been moved inside the search field
  • Improvements to email delivery
  • Coupons can now be applied to specific services, classes, and courses

Bugs Fixed:

  • A small number of users were experiencing issue loading their list of clients
  • if an appointment was added in the iOS mobile app for a reason that had a price assigned and then try to add the appointment to an invoice by using the "Add Line Item" button on an invoice, the appointment would get added with a rate of $0.
  • Sped up process to select which services a staff can offer