2.7.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 2.7.0

Features & Improvements:

  • Add multiple day appointments
  • Service duration can be set to be longer than 24 hours
  • Now you're able to use the reason and staff tags in marketing templates, such as %REASON%, %STAFF_FULLNAME%, %STAFF_EMAIL%
  • Field Appointment Short Date is now available when building new reports to see dates without the day of the week
  •  Reason Groups and Resources have been added to the Quick Add feature in the Calendar view
  • Send invoices to clients in bulk from the Invoice Lists
  • Improvements to the availability view

Bug Fixed:

  • "No Preference" for staff was not displaying in the Appointment Details screen
  • Users were unable to change the status of an appointment to Completed, No Show, and Reopen using the Quick Edit feature
  • Text message was not being sent to client when sending it from the Appointment Details screen
  • User was able to add appointments that were not in 5 minute increments
  • When changing the service for an appointment, the new service's custom fields did not update
  • Users were unable to add appointments in the backoffice after July 2017
  • Sending bulk invoice template from the Invoice Detail screen was not getting recorded in the Invoice Emails tab
  • Multi selection field was not saving selected option when an appointment was added in the backoffice
  • Calendar in end date field was not labeled if appointment was in Edit mode
  • When adding a new appointment in the backoffice, if the user went to any date in 2018 an error message would appear
  • Resources were not getting applied to appointments claimed by a waitlist invitation
  • Email to staff to confirm or decline appointment was not being sent if appointment was rescheduled by the client