Appointments No Show

This email send out if a staff member logs onto TimeTap's backoffice and marks a client's appointment to No Show, this is a manual process and can be done:

  1. by going to the appointment directly while in the calendar view
  2. in the appointment lists
  3. from the client's profile > Appointments > Open

Once the status of the appointment is changed to No Show you will have the option to send or not send the template below.

The default criteria that TimeTap provides for this template is:


Subject Line: Sorry we missed you for %REASON% on %APPT_DATE_TIME%

Email Body:

We're sorry we missed you!

I'm sorry you had to miss your recent %REASON% appointment with %STAFF_FULLNAME% on %APPT_DATE_TIME%. I hope everything is alright.
Sorry you could not make it to your scheduled appointment with %BUSINESS_NAME%
Appointment ID: %APPT_ID%

The tags used in this template are:

%CLIENT_EMAILADDRESS%The email address of the client that is stored in the email field on the client's profile
%REASON%The name of the service/class/course that the clients appointment was cancelled for
%APPT_DATE_TIME%The date and time of the appointment in the client's timezone
%CLIENT_FIRSTNAME%The first name of the client as stored in the first name field on the client's profile
%STAFF_FULLNAME%The full name of the staff member that was assigned to the appointment (can also be %PROFESSIONAL_FULLNAME%)
%NO_SHOW_NOTE%The note that the staff member entered when changing the appointment's status to No Show in the no show note box
%BUSINESS_NAME%This is the name of your business as stored under your account settings
%APPT_ID%The unique id of the appointment (this can be used to look up the appointment when you are logged into TimeTap's back office)

To learn more about tags and how to use/create them, please visit our documentation on tags.

In editing this template, here are some general things to consider:

  • The situation: This template is generated when a staff member changes the appointment's status to No Show. Changing the status to No Show instead of completed allows you to keep track of the appointments your clients book, and implement your scheduling policy.
  • Template elements: As with all the appointment templates sent from your account, this email will have the email header and the staff signature in the footer. We recommend putting standard contact information in the staff signature section and to customize your header under your messaging settings to be what you'd like for all of your emails (helps to keep them cohesive).